Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Three-Month Blogversary To US!!!

High-five to us!

It has been officially three months to the day when I first opened Bookshelvers Anonymous introduced myself to you all. Three months! That's the accumulated lives of ninety to ninety-three houseflies (depending on whether said months are thirty- thirty-one-day months). That's the length of an entire summer break.

Talk to any kid and ask him or her how long a summer break is. A really long time!

And you all have been excellent. In three months, you have:

  • Viewed my blog 1,340 times (give or take, since I'm writing this one day and publishing it later).
  • Sacrificed space in your inbox for me (6 of you).
  • Sacrificed space in your RSS Feed for me (some of you - don't know how to check those stats yet!)
  • Followed me via GFC (59 of you)
  • Commented 61 times.
  • Provided excellent fellowship on Twitter (48 followers and counting!)
  • Taught me that there really is a country called Herzegovina (hello, my six Herzegovinian viewers - I see you!)
  • Pushed me to read great books (I promise, I'm going to read Night Circus and Eve!)
Really, it's been so much fun. I can't wait to learn more about you all and continue drooling over books with you. I also can't wait to learn more about this whole blogging thing, because I'm very aware that I don't know near enough. 

So, in celebration of this blogoversary, I would like to do three things.

First, I would like to promote my giveaway once again. As I said in the title, this is OUR blogoversary. I can't afford to give books to all of you, but I can at least give you all the chance to get something cool.

Second, I'd like to hear more from you. What can I do to make this joint experience even better for you? What would you like to hear more about? Less about? Is there a book you'd like me to review? An aspect of shelver life you'd like to hear about? Is there a feature you'd like done away with or brought in?

Third, I have some really silly videos that make me giggle. What better way to commemorate a grand occasion than with laughter? (Please don't judge me. Yes, I find these hilarious. Yes, I'm really five years old.)