Monday, May 21, 2012

Cover Lovin' Had Me a Blaaaast...

Tada! This is my new Cover Love blog meme button, and I made it all by me onesies. I've done two Cover Love posts as a dry run, and I've found that I love talking about pretty covers with you all, so - now that I have a spiffy button - I'm opening up the meme to you all.

So what IS Cover Love?

Cover Love is a bi-weekly meme used to discuss covers that we just can't stop drooling over. Whether your thing is girls in pretty dresses, atmospheric fog, dainty and sweet illustrations, or even just really wicked font, this is the meme for you.

"Great!" you say. "What must I do to join such a wonderful meme?"

Luckily for you, it's a very simple process.

1. Follow Bookshelvers Anonymous as the host of the meme (my work, so I get credit. No stealing).
2. Find a cover that just makes you go wild with designer delight.
3. Highlight said cover in a Thursday post. Here and here are my two previous Cover Love posts for reference.
4. Link back to Bookshelvers Anonymous somewhere in your post (when I do other blogs' memes, I put the meme button at the top of the page and then link in the button's caption).
5. Consider adding the meme button somewhere on your blog so others can join also. This step isn't required, but it'd be awfully nice. The HTML for the button is in my right sidebar, and I can help you through the adding process if you'd like.
6. Add your blog to the linky list at the bottom of this post - it makes it easier for all of us to find each other AND it's a great way to generate traffic for your blog.

That's all! Simple, right? This Thursday (5/24) will be your first chance to start, but feel free to sign up any Thursday. And please feel free to drop by or find me on Twitter to keep hyping your blog. Let me share the love for covers with you.