Friday, July 13, 2012

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N Recap

Downtown Columbus
I went on vacation last week, and it was glorious. So glorious that I just had to tell you all about it. I don't know if that makes me narcissistic - it's not entirely book-related, just me-related - but I gotta tell someone!

It was a great week. I didn't get to sleep in very much (I was sharing a room with family, and they had to leave earlier than I wanted to get up), but I did spend all week relaxing. I painted my nails, I sat in the sun (at least, when it wasn't storming), I watched some Big Bang Theory, and I read. Oh boy, did I!

Here's my week by the numbers...

  • Mornings I slept in: 2, which is just sad.

  • New restaurants/types of food I tried: 9. We were very deliberate and didn't eat anywhere we could visit at home.
    • 3 Italian places (Donato's Pizza, Spaghetti Warehouse, Late Night Pizza)
    • 2 general food places (Ryan's and Culver's)
    • 2 "exotic places" (BD's Mongolian Barbeque and a Greek gyro place)
    • 2 dessert places (Tim Horton's and Jeni's)
    • Things I bought: 9
Click to enlarge

  • Things I bought: 9
    • 8 comic books
    • 1 t-shirt (from Cedar Point)

  • Things I lost: 1 Swiss Army knife (from Switzerland!) that I left in my carry-on by mistake. Now I'll just have to go back to Switzerland and get another one. Oh darn.

  • Bookstores I visited: 1. It's called The Book Loft. 2 floors, 32 rooms of sheer awesomeness. Soft classical or folk music playing in each room. A minimum of 5% discount on every single book. There's also a cute garden out back with a friendly black cat. I nearly quit my job and offered my services on the spot. 

  • Roller coasters I rode: 3-ish. Yes, after all that hype, I only went on three rides, which was really only two because I went on one ride twice. I took motion sickness pills to be safe (stupid inner ear), and the pills must've not agreed with me, because I nearly passed out waiting in line for Millenium Force. So all day, I only went on...
    • 1 time on The Raptor.
    • 2 times on Top Thrill Dragster, which was totally worth it, because that's the ride where you got 0 to 120 MPH in 3.8 seconds, shoot up a 420-foot hill, and take a 270-degree twist going up AND going down. It's been years since I was terrified of a ride, but I was terrified of that one. It was awesome.
"Nationwide is on your siiide."

  • Times my sister sang the Nationwide jingle: 1,000 (or thereabouts). The national headquarters were right across from our hotel, and she was compelled to sing the jingle every time she saw the building. Every. Single. Time.

  • Posts I wrote: 8
    • 5 reviews (only Tiger Lily is up; the rest will come in time)
    • 2 meme posts
    • 1 giveaway

  • Books I read: 8.5 (finished the ninth once I got home)
    • 1 ARC (Tiger Lily)
    • 5 contemporaries (Along for the Ride, Girl, Stolen, I Hunt Killers, Heist Society, Miracle)
    • 2 fantasies (The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Aurelia)
    • 1 historical fairy tale retelling (Merchant's Daughter)
    • 5 I didn't get to read but plan to in the next few weeks (Ender's Game, The Lion Hunter, Steel, Dead to You, A Breath of Eyre)
    • 3 books I really enjoyed
    • 2 books I thought were okay
    • 2 that were "meh"
    • 1 that I really didn't like (you can find out which one that one is on Goodreads)
Well, that was my week by the numbers! Thus ends my narcissistic ramble. I suppose I should put some kind of discussion prompt, but I'm not sure what to say. So... What have you all been up to? Anything you want to know about my week? Aren't my comic books pretty? Have you entered to WIN my copy of Tiger Lily?