Friday, August 24, 2012

Shelver (Not So) Secret: Do Unto Others

This week has been insane and has left me very little time for blog posts. Here's a thought I jotted down a few months back. I hope to be back in the swing of things soon.


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It's the little things, people. Working in a minimum wage retail position can be a real drag sometimes. I have to deal with stressed out, grumpy people with unruly kids and limited time all day long. That can make for a reeeeeeally long day. Add to that restrictions against talking with co-workers, eating, responding to any rudeness with something other than a sickly sweet "Have a good day," or even just sitting for a few minutes, and my eight hours can turn into a personal hell.

We try to keep each others' spirits up as best we can, but it can be tough (see: previous mention about socialization at work). But you know who can change my mood in a second? You.

I can't stress enough how wonderful it makes me feel when a customer takes a second to verbalize his or her gratitude. You're thanking me for finding you that book? No, thank you for recognizing that I'm a human being and taking a moment to utilize the rudimentary etiquette skills that you were taught as a child. Really, dear customer, you have no idea how many of your peers choose to use me as a servant to be treated with disdain. Yet a simple, heartfelt expression of gratitude from you can erase (at the very least!) a half hour of monotonous labor from my memory.

But hey, want to take it to the next level? Tell my manager. That'll keep me going for an entire month.


And while I'm thinking about it, thank you all for being such wonderful blog friends and for making my birthday week so much fun! Don't forget to check out my giveaway. My "do unto others" includes spreading the book love. <3