Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Happy Tuesday, everyone! Rub that sleep from your eyes, I have an announcement to make. Technically, I'm about to announce additions to the blog rather than changes, but "A-A-Additions" isn't as catchy.

Yes, there are two semi-big things coming down the pipe that I think you all should know about. At least, they feel semi-big to me because I'm super-excited for both of them.

The first addition is the new form on my Contact page. The whole reason I started this blog was to be able to connect with other book lovers. I get to talk to a lot of you through Twitter or the comments section on different posts, but I wanted to make it even easier to connect, especially if you have specific questions that don't relate to a post.

I wouldn't have a clue of what to do without the patience and support of other bloggers. I pestered them about blogging things (design, features, ARCs, etc.), book things (have you read this? is it good? oh my goodness, did you hear about...?), and other subjects, and everyone was so incredibly patient. I still don't feel like I know a heck of a lot, but I'd like to share what I do know if it would help any of you.

The form is pasted below and is also on my Contact page. If you have any questions about being a bookshelver, working in a bookstore, blogging, reading, or anything else, please drop me a note. Every single question you ask will be answered, either privately (if you give me a way to contact you) or in a post. Help me help you!

Second order of business. I've thought long and hard about how to best utilize my favorite aspect of the blog, the book reviews. I wanted to give people a way to buy the books immediately if the review so moves them, but in a way that doesn't benefit Amazon. As a bookshelver, I'm pretty much bound by oath to glare distrustfully at that site.

As of this week, I am a The Book Depository affiliate. What that means is that I'll be placing a widget and links to TBD in my sidebar and reviews. You may have already noticed them. Using the widget will give you all easy access to cheap books. TBD has low prices on millions of books, they don't charge shipping, AND they ship internationally. When you buy using my link, I'll receive 5% of the sale. So, say, for every $10 book sold, I'll get 50 cents. All of the proceeds will then be collected and funneled back into the blog to fund giveaways, so the more you buy, the more books I'll be able to give to you!

That's a win-win if I've ever heard one.

To recap, there's a new form on the Contacts page for any question, big or small, that you all might have. I'm also teaming up with The Book Depository to give my readers a way to buy books, and all of the net proceeds (still gotta pay taxes and tithe) will be used for giveaways. So there you have it. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, comment below... or use the handy-dandy new form!