Friday, November 9, 2012

Blogger Spotlight - Blue Sky Bookshelf

Happy Friday, all! Two weeks ago, I posted a big post highlighting several of the blogs I follow and enjoy on a regular basis. My thinking went that good bloggers deserve positive feedback. I don't do blog rolls and Follow Friday on Twitter is too easily ignored, so a post seemed like a good way to go.

Boy, did you guys take the idea and run with it! I was ecstatic at the number of you who bothered to comment to say that you were checking out new blogs from my list. Also, based on my stats, there was probably a whole lot of blog lovin' going on at the sites I mentioned. Again, I'm ecstatic. I highlighted these blogs for a reason, and they deserve every single new follower that they receive.

Now that I'm riding high on a flood of internal warm fuzzies, I'd like to expand just a bit. Every Friday (or every Friday that I feel like it), I'm going to devote a post to one blogger. I'll interview him or her, ask some basic questions, and then turn you all loose to check them out. My plan is to work my way through my original list and add new bloggers as I go along. My hope is that I can pass on some well-deserved love their way through you all. They get more traffic, you get a lovely blog to follow. Win-win!

For this, the inaugural post, I've chosen to highlight a baby blog, Blue Sky Bookshelf. Its creator, Sunny, also happens to be my little sister. Isn't nepotism grand?

Fast Facts!
Name: Blue Sky Bookshelf

Creator: Sunny Duvall

Start date: October 16, 2012

Number of GFC followers: 13


Shelver: Hello, Sunny. Would you please introduce yourself to everyone?

Sunny: My name is Sunny Duvall, but I'm actually anonymous. [Shelver note: So that's not actually our last name.] I'm a blogger and a college student. I wish I had a library like Belle's a la Beauty and the Beast, and I'm determined to one day meet Ally Carter, one of my favorite authors. I think of books as desserts, they're addicting but you can't devour them too fast or you won't feel so good. So I'm trying to balance reading and reviewing with everything else in my life.

Sh: Aren't we all. Now would you please describe your blog? I'd like everyone to get a feel for what they'd be getting.

Su: Blue Sky Bookshelf is all about reviewing YA fiction, from contemporary to fantasy to dystopian to whatever else, but there will never be a single poetry book. I share my opinions and stories with some memes sprinkled throughout. It's a place where anyone can share their own opinions in the comments and exclaim about their love for whatever book I posted about. It's a new blog, but I really do love having it and sharing with everyone.

Sh: I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. What made you decide to start blogging?

Su: Initially? You. When I suggested a few ideas, you told me to start my own blog. Then, whenever there was a chance, you told me again. So after thinking about it for a while, I started researching (which I love to do) and paying more attention to the blogs I read. I liked the idea of talking about books I've loved with other people who feel the same. With not many friends who read, it's hard to do that without a blog.

Sh: Do you all see that? PROOF! I have proof in writing that I suggested something worthwhile. Ha!

What's your favorite genre?

Su: Contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, and historical are the tops. I like pretty much anything, especially if romance is involved.

Sh: Least favorite genre?

Su: Poetry.

Sh: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have three novels (books, not series), which three would you choose?

Su: NO series? Ugh, that makes you leave off at a cliff-hanger. I know I'll later think of a book that would've bumped one of these off the list, but I can't think of anything else. Probably Catching Fire [by Suzanne Collins] because they're also on an island (maybe I could use some tips if there are any evil monkeys). Forever Princess from The Princess Diaries series [by Meg Cabot] just because of Michael. Gosh, I love Michael. And even know this is not a YA book, The Hawk and the Jewel [by Lori Wick] because it was the first book I truly fell in love with thanks to our mother.

 ...can I sneak Cinder on there too?

Sh: No.


So there you have it! Thank you, Sunny, for being my test dummy while I figure everything out. Now all of you, go check out Blue Sky Bookshelf and share the love! You can also find Sunny on Twitter. And if any of you would like to highlight one of your own favorite blogs, be sure to send me the link.

photo credit: amanky via photopin cc