Thursday, February 21, 2013

BEA 2013 - Roommate(s) Wanted

It's official, you guys! I'M GOING TO BEA!!

In case you all haven't memorized every post I've ever written (for shame!), going to BEA this year was one of my resolutions for 2013. I agonized and moaned over the decision and the money involved for weeks, but I finally put on my big girl pants and registered.

Pardon me while I happy dance.

So I've registered, I've put in my notice for time off at work, I've booked my flight both to and from NYC. Now I just need to reserve a hotel room. I even have a nice place I'm looking at; I just haven't booked it yet.

The problem is that NYC is kind of (read: REALLY) expensive. The best way to help defray those costs hotel-wise is to share some of that cost, which means I need a roommate for BEA. I just don't have one yet, which is making me more than a little nervous.

The first motive for writing this post was to squeal/flail over officially preparing to go to BEA (and NYC! for my first time EVER!). But the second motive was to put out some feelers.

Anyone else need a roommate? Anyone else interested in finding a roommate? I'm not saying you have to commit or anything, but it's past time for me to put out some feelers.

For those wondering: I don't smoke, I don't crazy-party, I'm relatively tidy (no comments from the familial peanut gallery, please), and I have no interest in murdering anyone in their sleep. See? Perfect roomie material!

If anyone's tentatively interested (and for-sure-for-sure going to BEA), drop me a line, okay? OR you could say something in the comments, because even if you don't want to room with me, you might find someone else to room with.