Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Attack Of The Assassins! Blog Tour Wrap-Up

We have come to the end of the Attack of the Assassins! blog tour. I have nothing special planned for today except for my sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.

Thank you to Ems, Laura, Margo, Mary, Molli, Stacy, and Sunny for jumping on the idea of a blog tour when I presented it to you. Thank you for being such awesome fellow fans and bloggers. Thank you for putting up with me as I sorted everything out in rambling emails, and for sacrificing your time, blog space, brain power, and money to make this event possible. You ladies rock.

Thank you to Ms. Robin for writing such amazing books in the first place, for being so excited about the tour when it was presented to you, and for taking time to offer guest posts and interview answers amid your busy schedule. And thank you for Beast and Duval. Thank you so so much for Beast and Duval.

Thank you to my dad and brother for giving up a precious Sunday afternoon, as well as lots of time after that, to help me with my St. Mortain video. I couldn't have done without you. Literally.

And thank you to all of you for tuning in each and every day for every post, vlog, and giveaway. We hope that we have inspired you to hunt down a copy of these wonderful books for your own shelves, or revisit them if you already own them. We love the His Fair Assassin series, and it's our dearest hope that the rabid fangirl fever has spread to some of you.

You all have until the end of the day to enter in the various giveaways still going on as part of the tour. There are two concurrent events today, an interview at Burgundy Ice and a giveaway at In Which Ems Reviews Books. The full schedule is pasted once more below, so be sure you've gotten in your last-minute entries.

Official Attack of the Assassins! Tour Schedule

Monday, March 25: Attack of the Assassins! blog tour introductory post @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Tuesday, March 26: Heart of a Female Assassin + giveaway @ Delusions at High Altitudes; Robin LaFevers' Top Five Heroines of All Time @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Wednesday, March 27: Why I love the His Fair Assassin series @ In Which Ems Reviews Books; Fairy Tale Influences of Dark Triumph @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Thursday, March 28: True Love = A Maggoty Carcass (A Dark Triumph post) + giveaway @ Mary Gray Books; Cover Love #25 (The HFA edition) @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Friday, March 29: Review of Dark Triumph @ Girls in the Stacks; Interview with Robin LaFevers @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Saturday, March 30: An Assassin In Love (The Unlikely Romance in Grave Mercy) @ Bookshelvers Anonymous (a guest post from Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue)

Sunday, March 31: Review: Dark Triumph @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Monday, April 1: Review: Dark Triumph + giveaway @ In Which Ems Reviews Books; The Mythology of the Nine @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Tuesday, April 2: Author Interview with Robin LaFevers (+Giveaway!) @ Blue Sky Bookshelf; A Special Message from St. Mortain @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Wednesday, April 3: Interview with a fellow fan @ Burgundy Ice; Giveaway! @ In Which Ems Reviews Books; Tour Wrap-up @ Bookshelvers Anonymous

Once again, thank you all. Long live the assassins!