Wednesday, April 10, 2013

May Rereadathon And R&R - A Voting Matter

Hi all! I hope you all are having an excellent week. Personally, I'm having a thoughtful week as I ponder some possible adjustments to the blog. Nothing earth-shattering, I promise, but I feel that at least two of the matters need to be brought before you.

First, the May Rereadathon. To refresh your memory, a while back I floated the idea of setting aside the month of May to reread our favorite books. While the month wouldn't have to be used exclusively for rereads, devoting May to our old favorites would help us as readers and bloggers enjoy our lovingly worn hardback and paperback friends guilt-free.

That was the plan, anyways. A few weeks back, I received a wonderful yet completely unexpected windfall in the form of eight or so ARCs that I did not expect at all. It was lovely. However, all eight ARCs are due to be read during or near the month of May, and I just don't read that quickly.

Since there were many of you who were very excited about the May Rereadathon, I wanted to give you all the option to vote on how to proceed. We can 1) proceed with the Rereadathon in May as scheduled with the understanding that my own involvement will be limited, 2) move the Rereadathon to later in the year (I'm thinking July), or 3) drop it and do our own rereads as we see fit.

What should we do about the May Rereadathon?

Second, Rewind & Review. A few of you participate in Rewind & Review, my monthly review meme. More of you read and don't participate (ya slackers!). Thanks to my weekly trips to the Land O' Wonders - i.e. the thrift store where I find tons of cheap books - and my recent efforts to blog more during the week, my R&R posts have gotten rather bulky.

Consequently, I'm thinking of posting Rewind & Review every week, as opposed to every month. I would post R&R on Sunday and move my reviews to Monday. Anyone who links up would have the option of joining every week as well or continuing to post only once a month and linking up on whatever weekly post that happens to fall. Or, if you guys don't mind the bulkiness, I could leave R&R as a monthly meme. Or make it bi-weekly like Cover Love. Whatever. I'm flexible.

Should Rewind & Review go to once a week instead of once a month?

In both cases, the changes are ones that affect all of you to at least some degree. I can't promise I'll for sure follow the most popular options in each poll, but it's probable. Vote in this post or on the sidebar, and feel free to leave a note in the comments.