Monday, May 27, 2013

BEA Hiatus

Hi all!

As you read this, I am probably wandering dazedly from room to room in my house. That's my usual packing MO for the first six hours or so, and I'll be especially dazed this time, because I'M PACKING FOR BEA!! My gosh, you guys. My nerdy little planner brain is going into overdrive. There are so many variables, so many possible outfits, so many outcomes, and it all has to fit in my Big Red Monster suitcase (and matching mini-me carry-on). Let's just say that minimalist living is not my strong suit.

I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and arriving in NYC sometime that evening. Wi-fi at the hotel and Javitz may be a little spotty, but I'll try to check in with you all via Twitter. However, there will not be any blog posts this coming week.


I'm already working to get posts pre-written for after BEA, and I don't want to stress by adding another week. Besides, BEA week is usually pretty chill around the blogosphere.

So if any of you happen to notice how quiet it is around here, don't worry. I promise I'll be back and bubbling over with good tidings for you all after June 3rd. If you're going to BEA, send me an email or DM on Twitter with your phone number, and we'll meet up! If you're not going to BEA, definitely check out all the awesomesauce going down at Armchair BEA. You can also keep up with my adventures on Twitter, as I do my best to condense my over-the-top excitement to 140 characters. :)

I'll see you all in a week!