Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thursday Twitter Madness With #RBWL

It's Friday right now. It will be Saturday by the time this post appears. And I'm still riding high on giddiness from Thursday.

This last Thursday, a group of agents and editors got on Twitter and started posting their manuscript wishlists under the hashtag #MSWL. They've done things like this before, and I always love it, because many of the agents and editors who join in are specifically interested in YA and MG books, and I love knowing what's coming down the pike. However, the more they talked, the itchier I became. They were throwing out so many ideas, and I wanted to jump in the middle and scream, "I WANT THAT TOO GIMMEEEEEE!!"

Which, of course, I could not do, as that would be bad manners.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt this way, because when I started listing premises that interested me under the hashtag #RBWL (reader/blogger wishlist), other people started joining in. Craziness! #RBWL officially started at 9:07 AM EST and went all. day. long. Admittedly, a lot of it was just me gushing about all the things I wanted to read, so much so that I got put into Twitter jail (my first time!), but I was tickled at how many people tweeted their own wishlist.

And may I just say that WOW, people are so creative! Here are a some examples of some of the things people want to read:

What really interested me was how variations on some of the same ideas kept popping up over and over again. Ideas like:

- Historical fiction. Historical fiction was BIG. But we all were asking for a very specific type of historical fiction. We want history from an ignored or less common era in time, history from a non-European nation, or history that focuses on a lesser historical figure. Give us something new!

- Space. Boldly go, y'all! Give us legitimate classic sci-fi with space travel and hyperdrives and anti-gravity and exoplanet exploration. Space travel and space operas came up again and again. The demand is there.

- Friendships. Romances are fine, but we want books about friendships. Tight female friends, bromances, platonic male-female friendships. Romance is allowed, but we want a book where it is NOT the focus.

- Family relationships. Good heavens, stop with the dysfunction already. Some families actually do get along, you know. Not all parents are absent or abusive. Not all siblings attempt to kill each other. (We may want to from time to time, but that's another story.)

- Retellings. All the retellings! Fairy tales are still wanted, but all sorts of retellings are welcome. Give us Little Women, Tarzan, The Count of Monte Cristo! Be creative! Dig deep!

I genuinely hope someone out there took notice of our requests. I'd love to see the type of books we asked for hit the shelves someday. Thank you to everyone who participated. As for the rest of you, #RBWL may have started Thursday, but hashtags never truly die. Scroll back through the archives to see the rest of the requests (make sure you choose "all") and add some of your own! I'll RT the ones that strike my fancy.