Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shelver's Shelves - A Tour

Caution: The following post contains multiple photographs of bookshelves, boxes, and books. The creator's intent is to show off her collection. Please be prepared for seemingly illogical arrangements and much blathering.

With that out of the way, welcome to my bookshelf tour. Unlike some of the prettier tours out there, mine's a little haphazard. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them, if you feel so inclined to snoop on my titles. Buckle up!

These two cases, one on the left and one on the right, hold the bulk of my collection. It's probably the happiest spot in the entire house for me, despite the unwieldy location. My entire book collection resides in my bedroom, which is actually our family schoolroom/playroom with my stuff all to one side. That's why my books are surrounded by paperwork, a world map, and a placement of the presidents. Oh, and that computer right in the middle is Sunny's. She uses it for school and blogging.

These five shelves hold the entirety of my YA collection, though it grows in enormous spurts every month or so. It's a very happy bookshelf. They're all arranged by author's last name, starting with Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and ending waaaay down at the bottom with I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak.

What you may not have been able to see in the last photo are the stickers. Every book that I receive and haven't previously read gets a green sticker. The green sticker allows to me tell at a glance which books need to be read. If I like the book once it's read, I'll take off the sticker and return it to permanent glory on my shelf. Books I don't like will go to a box that you'll see later. I have way too many books with green stickers.

I just wanted to note that down at the very end of my YA shelf are two MG books: the first Theodosia book by Robin LaFevers and The School for Good and Evil. Both are books that I bought or received recently and are a priority read. I know if I put them with my other MG books, I'll never remember to get to them.

Atop the shelf to the left of the computer are my non-fiction books. Note: These are the non-fictions that are completely and totally mine, as opposed to the family non-fictions that take up two full bookcases in the rest of the room. To the far left is the little case that holds my swag (high out of reach of any pets). This shelf is arranged by personal preference. First are the history books, then the entertainment tie-ins (mostly LOTR and Star Wars), then my beloved crime/serial killer/crime scene/autopsy/corpse books, then my English language books, one Tim Tebow biography (my boy! <3), reference, and the complete collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Right below my non-fiction books are the adult fiction titles that I couldn't bear to box up. Seriously, I put North and South in a box and literally had a bit of an anxiety attack. These books, inexplicably, are shelved by feel. First we have the Austen-esque British romances, then the classics, my Dee Henderson books, my Tahn books (placed respectfully, despite the third book having sucked), and my Christian romances.

These are the non-YA books that I want to get to ASAP. Most were purchased at the local thrift store, though a few were won through contests. The plan with these is to intersperse them between my blog reads, especially in those awkward days when I just can't make myself pick up another review book. They are ordered based on the time and concentration needed to read them. It starts on the right with the fun and frothy Bob Hope memoir all the way to the left to the Germs book about contagion and biological warfare. Woot! (I will note that Night Circus is placed so far to the right solely because I really REALLY need to read it soon, time and concentration irrelevant.)

Propping up my non-YA reads is a stack of gifted ARCs that have expired. I received most of them after the book's pub date, so there's no real reason to read them in a timely fashion. The plan is to read them when I can and then toss them in my giveaway box. If I like the book, I can always buy a finished copy.

The ARC shelf! Tada! The vast majority of these were picked up at BEA, though not all. They're very lovingly sorted by release date from Crown of Midnight (August) on the far left to Curtsies and Conspiracies (November) on the far right. I ran out of room and had to prop A Most Dangerous Deception (November) and Alienated (February '14) on top.

I even have little notes showing where each month starts and ends, as not all release dates are displayed in a readable fashion on the spines.

This box starts the first of my many boxed books. In it are mostly my Christian fiction books, especially the more crime- or thriller-heavy books. (I spy Tim Downs down there.)

These three books on top show a good representative sample. There's the Arthurian tale Once and Future King, Alfred Hitchcock's Stories That Scared Even Me, and Hazardous Duty, a Christian mystery about a crime scene cleaner. The books in this box are ones that I'm more likely to reach for in a pinch, so I keep it tucked next to Sunny's computer.

Box #2! More adult fiction, this one with a heavier focus on classics. I'm less likely to read these, so they're under my bed.

Another representative photo. As it's the classics box, I have a bunch of Cliff's Notes, Jane Eyre, and Thr3e by Ted Dekker.

Box #3 is a happy box. It holds all of my classic mysteries. A good 3/4 of this box are Agatha Christie books with some whodunit collections, a healthy helping of G.K. Chesterton, a scattering of Dorothy Sayers, the start of my Alan Bradley collection, and a Phillip Pullman anthology.

See how deep the box goes?

The biggest box by far is Box #4, the MG box. I have a TON of MG books, most of them rescued from the local thrift store. I also have several collections from my childhood that my mom no longer wanted to keep. It's my goal in life to be the aunt with the totally awesome library. All my bookworm nieces and nephews will beg to raid my stash! There are a few picture books in here as well simply because I have no other place to put them.

It's a very deep, very densely packed box and therefore very, very heavy.

This row especially holds a lot of childhood favorites.

Whereas these are thrift store books.

The last box under my bed is one that has traveled with me everywhere - my comic book box! As an English major, I had very little time or energy in college to devote to fun reading. I couldn't bear the thought of starting a book and not being able to read again until the next weekend. So instead, when I found myself with a bit of a break, I would pix up a Dilbert or a Get Fuzzy or a Foxtrot. These books saved my sanity during finals week.

This box is much smaller than all the others but no less dear. It's my giveaway box! Most of these books will end up in a giveaway on the blog at some time or another. However, it's also where I pull from when I'm bitten by the YA Book Exchange bug or when I feel like being generous. Any friends who come over are more than welcome to take what they want. I also have a swag giveaway box, but I'm only giving a tour of books. :)


Tada! My shelves, ladies and gentlemen. Odds are the contents have shifted even since taking these pictures, as books always seem to find their way into my home. I know I'm driving my poor family mad. Anyways, there it is. If any of you have done bookshelf tours, will you let me know? I'd love to peek!