Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The Flying Books

I love this video. I love it. It's already won several awards, and in my opinion, it should win many, many more. It's a simple, wordless video, made in the same whimsical style of a Pixar short. It's about books, which is an automatic win, but it managed to not only make me feel, but also think. Normally, when I watch a video, I analyze the style and the special effects, I laugh over the jokes, I nod over the warm fuzzies, and then I move on. But with this video, my mind began to hunt down rabbit trails within the first two minutes as if I were dissecting a novel for one of my college literature classes. [I suggest you stop now, watch the video, and form opinions for yourself before reading forward... Finished? Good. Continue.]

First, I love the quirky Wizard of Oz nods (the bike, the house, the vortex, the lack of color). I also loved that Mr. Lessmore seemed more concerned about his novel/diary than the fact that he was swirling around in a raging vortex of death. Books in general are important, but an unfinished work crafted by your own hands? Especially in an age before computers, iClouds, and external hard drives, losing a work means never getting it back. Any attempt at duplication will always come back as a mutation.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dipping the Quill

There are few things scarier than a blank page, except for a blank page that is to be used as the Foundation for a New Beginning (fanfare trumpets and Morgan Freeman epic narration voice included). A blank page for doodling? No problem. A blank page that essentially is to be used as a scribbled thought organizer? Piece of cake. Both are meant to be used and then discarded. Even a blank page designated for a rough draft of some sort isn't too intimidating, because a rough draft is just another doodle/thought-scribble page.

But this is one of those tricky foundational pages. This is the start of my new blog, one that I hope someone other than my parents will read. I hope to use this blog as a way to start a dialogue about books I'm reading, ideas I'm mulling over, and experiences I'm gnawing on. The frame of reference used is my work as a humble bookshelver at a bookstore. Because of my position, not only do I spend my hours talking to consumers, but I am also allowed access to far more books than I would normally be able to find. Some blogs are very, very focused on their topic, but I probably won't be. I hope to post book reviews (both for new books and old favorites that I believe deserve more attention), talk about work (with hopefully only a smattering of complaints), discuss ideas or trends found on other blogs (see the bar on the right to get an idea of the different blogs I follow), and squeal like a four-year-old over new books not yet released.

So this is me, dipping my elegant, Victorian quill into a pot of ink, its finely carved point hovering thoughtfully over a crisp sheet of parchment as I pray that my first swoop is pleasing rather than a big, blotchy mess.