Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cover Love #13

This week, I'm featuring a book that's been out for almost two years now. I haven't been able to read it yet, though I should make it a higher priority, seeing as the author wrote one of my favorite fairy tale retellings EVER.

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Because she was a princess, she had a pegasus....

Princess Sylviianel has always known that on her twelfth birthday she too would be bound to her own pegasus. All members of the royal family have been thus bound since the Alliance was made almost a thousand years ago; the binding system was created to strengthen the Alliance, because humans and pegasi can only communicate formally, through specially trained Speaker magicians. Sylvi is accustomed to seeing pegasi every day at the palac, but she still finds the idea of her binding very daunting. The official phrase is that your pegasus is your "Excellent Friend." But how can you be friends with someone you can't talk to?

But everything is different for Sylvi and Ebon from the moment they meet at her binding - when they discover they can talk to each other. They form so close a bond that it becomes a threat to the status quo - and possibly to the future safety of their two nations. For some of the magicians believe there is a reason humans and pegasi should not fully understand each other...
Eep! I have to admit, I never went through the "I want a pony" phase that girls supposedly go through, but I'd be all over having a pet Pegasus. I mean, it's a super-intelligent horse that flies. Pegasi are right up there with griffins on my "Undervalued Mythical Creatures" list. Sure, I get the appeal of dragons, but aren't they a bit overdone as pets? TALKING, FLYING HORSES are where it's at.

I nearly used this book for a Wishlist Wednesday post, but then I got an eyeful of that cover. Man.

There's not a lot to be analyzed. It's just freaking pretty. The setting is expansive and saturated perfectly (not too bright, not too faded). There's a girl with a pretty dress and flowing hair, but she isn't vamping it up front and center like girls in pretty dresses usually do. In fact, her back is to us and her attention is caught on the gorgeous Pegasus whirling above her head. Can I just say that I love that it's a black Pegasus instead of a frilly white one? And in the center of it all is the title in a deep red, swirly font that sends thrills through me. Sooooo preeeeeeetty.

What cover do you love this week?

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