Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cover Love #14

May I just say that I LOVE international covers? I love seeing the way each country interprets a story that I enjoy in a fresh way. A long, long time ago (May) I showed you all different versions of Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me. (You can read that post here, and let me just say the Swedes knocked it out of the park.)

This week, I'd like to show you more international covers, this time of one of my all-time favorite fantasy books, The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson.

Now, I'm afraid I'm not nearly ambitious enough to hunt down all the covers myself. Another blog, Pitch Dark, found a whole bunch and did their own rating. What I'm doing here is simply reposting the covers and giving my own take, so I take no credit for wrangling together the covers whatsoever. Once you've finished reading, please take the time to read the original post. It's pretty rad.

First, the US cover:
This is the one most of us are familiar with. This is also the one that most people seem to love. I am not one of them. It's certainly not a bad cover, but I admit that it just didn't grab me, which is why I delayed so long in reading it.

Then there's the US ARC cover (what they used before settling on the cover above):
Not awful. The whole swirling hair, pretty dress thing is awfully boring, and Elisa is too model-like, but I love the blues and the desert background. Then again, the orange of the finished product better connotes the "fire" of "fire and thorns," don't you think?

Next up, the UK cover:
I think... I think I like this one. The font isn't bad, the desert is there, and Elisa looks wicked awesome. THAT'S our Maleficio! You go, girl. (Side note: Does anyone know why the Brits shortened the title to just Fire and Thorns?)

Now we jump across the Channel to France to see what they've cooked up:
*cough* Well, impending wardrobe malfunction aside (seriously, who can fight in that?!), this is a pretty cool cover. Elisa looks all mysterious with her shimmery hood and bedazzled bottoms, AND she has a sword. What I think I like best, though, is that this cover has the clearest depiction of the Godstone. It really is a part of her, rather than a floaty blue stone like in the US cover. And for those curious, Google Translate says the cover translates to The Girl of Embers and Brambles. Hmm.

Let's see if the Italians can best their Gallic neighbors:
Well, this is... interesting. The cover certainly screams fantasy (what a sword!), but I'm not fond of the way they depict Elisa. Also, The Fire and The Rose? Huh? That makes it sound like a romance novel. I suppose Elisa, as the female, is supposed to be the rose, so who is the fire? Humberto? Alejandro? Her alter-ego, Maleficio? Okay, that last one would be pretty cool.

Now it's Germany's turn to show off their cover:
Oooh, pretty. I love the fiery Godstone hanging front and center. According to Google, the title translates to either The Flint or The Fire Stone. I'm betting on the latter. I love that this cover marries the blues of the US ARC with the need for fire. Sadly, the Germans receive negative points for the cheesy tagline: A magical journey begins. Ugh.

And last, but certainly not least, the Turkish cover:
If I didn't know the story, I might like the cover. Sure, it's a pretty girl in a dress, but the cover's pretty atmospheric. However, since I do know the story, this cover only makes me frown. How does this represent TGoF&T at all? That's a skinny, white redhead in a pretty dress. There's no Elisa, no Godstone, no desert. Like the Brits, the Turks have shortened the title to Fire and Thorn. Why "thorn" is singular, I don't know. (I can't read the tagline. Would anyone with better eyes volunteer?)

I think, for me, the Germans win. Can't you just picture it on my shelf next to a copy of Seraphina? Never mind that it wouldn't be alphabetical. I would BEND THE RULES.

Which cover do you like best?

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