Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ginormo Blogger Love Post

Hee-hee. I thought about putting a "real" title in place of the placeholder title I gave this post, but I liked this one too much. I'd planned to air this post on Friday to tie it into the #FF hashtag, but I couldn't wait. For those who don't know, #FF is a hashtag for Follow Friday, and it's a way for people to promote their favorite people on Twitter.

I don't know how well the hashtag actually works, to be honest, and I'd much rather promote the blogs of the people I follow. I have had the fortune of coming across some spectacular blogs in the last couple years. I mean, really freaking spectacular, and they're all run by funny, kind, opinionated, smart, knowledgeable people.

Below are some of the blogs that I love and strongly suggest you all check out. I say "some" for two reasons. First, I'm only listing young adult books blogs. If you'd like to know what publishing industry, writing, author, or kid lit blogs I follow, drop me an email. Second, I follow a LOT of blogs, and I don't have space to list them all here. (So no hurt feelings, okay? My blogger heart is larger than my posting space.) Third, except for one major rule-bender, I've only listed blogs that I've been following for a certain amount of time, which means some spectacular blogs didn't make this list.

It should be understood that ALL blogs are listed because I love their posts and reviews, but I've tried to list some non-review highlights below some.

- A Reader of Fictions
Highlights: Really awesome giveaways, and the creator is a librarian! (I love librarians.)

Blue Sky Shelf
Highlights: None yet. It's still pretty new. But I AM related to its creator... (More on that in a future post.)

- Books, Biscuits, and Tea
Highlights: Vicky, the head of BB&T, is also the creator of the Agatha Christie Book Club!

- Clear Eyes, Full Shelves
Highlights: Hilarious List-O-Ramas (the latest was Top 5 Most Annoying Book Cover Trends), and running collections of various types of YA fiction. The collection I've loved the most so far has been the list of male POV YA lit.

- Emily's Reading Room
Highlights: The Blogger Confidential posts, wherea set of bloggers are asked about "the nitty-gritty" of blogging. Really, it's such a cathartic read. We're not alone!

- The Enchanted Inkpot
Highlights: A lot of authors contribute to the Inkpot, but the best part is that it's a site completely devoted to FANTASY!

- Esther's Ever After
Highlights: She focuses a lot on fairy tale retellings, which I adore.

- In Which Ems Reviews Books
Highlights: Everything! Ems was on my Top 10 list of bookish people I'd love to meet, because I adore her and her blog. Okay, specifics. In addition to her reviews and posts, I really like her Special for Sunday meme posts.

- Into the Hall of Books
Highlights: I promised I would highlight something other than reviews, but I can't for this one. Asheley has such a distinct review style. Elizabeth Fama even copied it one time for a guest post, and it was hilarious!

- Making the Grade
Highlights: Gosh, there's ALWAYS something going on at MTG. I love the giveaways, personally. Jenna and her coreviewers are always giving away awesome books.

- The Midnight Garden
Highlights: Can I give a shout-out to blog design? Because I LOVE Ms. Wendy's blog design. Holy guacamole. Also, Ms. Wendy is just one classy lady in general. I want to be her when I grow up.

- Novel Sounds
Highlights: They match songs with their book reviews. Songs! I love it!

- Paperback Fantasies
Highlights: They cater specifically to readers of YA sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian lit. Be still, my heart.

- Pen To Paper
Highlights: PtP is the home of the Wishlist Wednesday meme, which I participate in every other Wednesday. Go check it out!

- Random Musings of a Bibliophile
Highlights: I seriously like Ms. Brandy, the lady who runs this blog. She reviews MG and YA lit, both contemporary and fantasy, AND she's a Queen's Thief fan, AND she homeschools her kids. Also, she does these really cool favorite things lists that I would totally copy if I wasn't already drowning in memes.

- Scattered Pages
Highlights: Dot was also a part of my Top 10 list a week or so ago, so you know I like her. She has really great, insightful posts and reviews, and every once in a while she compiles covers that she adores. They're so pretty.

- Squeaky Books
Highlights: I feel like everyone knows about Squeaky Books. It's been around since 2007, which is a long time in book blog terms, and there's always something going on over there - giveaways, author interviews, you name it.

- Stacked
Highlights: This one isn't strictly YA, but I couldn't leave it off. It's run by librarians and has some of the most amazing, insightful posts about books and different things in the publishing industry. Really, really good stuff.

So that's a sampling of my peeps. I love them all, and, if I have my way, you'll be hearing much more about them at a later date. And maybe I'll be able to add more blogs to my list o' love. :)

What blogs do YOU adore? And do you follow any of the ones I've listed?