Friday, October 12, 2012

What Type of Reader Are You?

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What type of reader are you?

Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? A few months ago, The Atlantic Wire did a two-part article about the different types of readers there are in the world. Of course, it's all in fun with descriptions drawn with a wink and a nudge, but I enjoyed identifying different friends and fellow Tweeters and bloggers.

Take a look at both parts and then come back here to see what I think I am.

What Type of Book Reader Are You? part one

What Type of Book Reader Are You? part two

All finished? Did you have a nice chuckle? Good.

As I'm sure most of you discovered, it's very hard to shove oneself into one single category. I found no fewer than SEVEN categories that I could fit into. Mine included:

The Chronological Reader - As I confessed last week, I don't usually read more than one book at a time, thereby making me somewhat chronological. I used to be more of this type before I started blogging, but now that I have less time, I'm more likely to toss a book aside without finishing. I do still feel guilty, though.

Delayed Onset Reader #1 - Augh! It's so true! I admitted as much in my Rewind and Review post last week. Cheap thrift store books are a special weakness of mine. There are so many books I want to read, but work gets in the way. Oh, and then I try to force myself to at least START a review before I open another book, which is smart but hindering. I promise, my lovelies, I'll get to you soon!

The Bookophile - Mmmm yes. My Preciousesssssssss.

The Cross-Under - Clearly, I am a very strong Cross-Under (though, for some reason, the name makes me scowl). I am an adult who runs a YA review blog. I read mammoth books like The Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was eleven, and now as a [age redacted]-year-old grown-up, here I sit, reading the MG novel Nathaniel Fludd. Power to the Cross-Unders!

Hopelessly Devoted - I think most readers, in their heart of hearts, can be labeled Hopelessly Devoted when it comes to certain authors. Some people go gaga for Sarah Dessen, others for Stephanie Meyer, others for Tamora Pierce, etc. The one author who earns me this label is (as I'm sure you all can guess) Megan Whalen Turner. I haven't attended any of her book signings (due to geography, not choice), but I am a mega-fan.

The All-The-Time/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader - Om nom nom! I'm like Cookie Monster with cookies in the old-school Sesame Street episodes (not these new ones where he shows self-restraint). I read while I eat, I read while I brush my teeth, I read while I walk (I'm quite good) - I'd read while driving if that were safe and, y'know, legal. My dream life consists of me reading anything and everything ALL THE TIME.

The Sharer - I've gotten so much stronger in this category since becoming a shelver and opening my own blog. I tried to share my books before, but I didn't have many people I could share them with. But now I have all of you lovely people who, for whatever reason, oblige me by listening to my squeals of delight every week. Also, there's no better feeling at work than being able to use my Jedi mind powers to convince a customer to try one of my favorite books. Mwahahaha.

There's also one that I feel I should be more like:

The Critic - The Atlantic description makes The Critic sound a bit snobby, which isn't me, but I do feel sometimes like I should dig more into the themes and metaphors and all that literary criticism that I learned in school. Some bloggers take this bent and do it exceptionally well. (Wendy Darling comes to mind.) I just can't. My reviews already dangle their feet over the edge of Too Long (some people might say they've swan dived over the edge), and I like to fill them with things that I as a reader want to know. I want to know if the plot was believable, if the world was well-constructed, if the characters were likeable. Reading an analysis of Freudian themes might make me feel smarter, but it won't help me decide whether or not I'll like a book.

Your turn! I want to know... What type(s) of reader are you? And what type (if any) do you feel you should be more like?