Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday! No, Really.

I hate Wednesdays. Does anyone else hate Wednesdays? In my humble opinion, they suck. They're just far enough in the week from Sunday that I'm starting to get tired but still too far from the coming weekend to offer any real hope. Wednesday is the day that life starts to get hectic at Other Job but is still deadly dull at the bookstore. (Wednesday is just not a prime book-buying day. I don't know why.)

I thought about putting together a nice discussion post today, but forget that. I don't need to ruminate today, not on a Wednesday. No, I need a laugh. Below, for your pleasure, are the various tidbits I've squirreled away that have made me smile, laugh, or otherwise express happiness in some way.

I hope they make your Wednesday a bit brighter.

Richard Armitage reads a scene from Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Hat tip to Angie-ville.

Given how much I adore secondary characters, it should be no surprise that this tweet warms my heart. Be inspired.

Hat tip: Katherine Fergason
Cary Grant has a puppy in his pocket. You can't get much more adorable than that.

Tim Hawkins is always good for a laugh.

Free books make me happy, too. Check out Freebook Sifter for daily lists of the most popular free ebooks around the web.

And if all of this happiness is making your nose turn, if you LIKE being dour and gloomy... Well, then, this collection of laughs is for you.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday. If you have any bits of happiness to share with the class, leave a comment below.