Saturday, August 24, 2013

Moving Day!

Dear readers and friends,

We're moving! Yes, the time has come to pick up the suitcases and board up Bookshelvers Anonymous. But don't worry, we're just moving across the street to Wordpress and our spacious new abode, Shae Has Left The Room!

If I did everything right, all your subscriptions through Bloglovin' and email should transfer over. (Fingers crossed!) Unfortunately, since GFC has gone the way of the dinosaur, those particular subscriptions will not transfer. Sorry.

If for some reason your subscription did not transfer over, please visit Shae Has Left The Room directly and sign up via the widget in the sidebar. Be sure you don't delay. I'm hosting a major giveaway RIGHT NOW for all my followers!

Can't wait to see all your lovely faces on my new blog!