Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Things That Make My Reading/Blogging Life Easier

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
The following things are written down in the order I thought of them. If I tried to do them in order of importance, I would drive myself nuts. I take rankings very seriously.

Goodreads - Oh my word. Goodreads can be such a mess, to be sure. Its search engine stinks, the details for each book are often wrong, and there seems to be a new drama every week, but I value Goodreads for one specific thing: my TBR list. I mourn for all those wasted years when I would get excited about a book and then forget its title. Such wasted potential! Now I just hop on Goodreads and add a book to my virtual pile.

Twitter - I also don't know how I lived before Twitter. It is overflowing with my people, my lovely, bookish people. I learn about the news through Twitter, discover new books through Twitter, enter giveaways through Twitter, and make new friends through Twitter. It's wonderful.

Notes app - My Notes app on my iPad is a lifesaver. Not only is that where I keep my list of Agatha Christie books (for thrift store trips), but it's also how I organize my ARCs. I have two lists, a "Read By" list and a "Review By" list. The dates may differ between lists, as publishers sometimes archive a digital ARC before the release date. By keeping both lists up to date, I make sure I don't forget my digital ARCs and then all ARCs, both digital and physical, are read and reviewed on time.

iCal - I think I may have written about my scheduling before, but my entire blogging life is planned through iCal. All my memes, discussion posts, blog tours, reviews, etc. are all carefully planned and dated at least a week before go-live. iCal keeps me sane.

Edelweiss/NetGalley - Hooray for e-ARCs! I must admit, I wasn't sold at first, because e-ARCs are often wonkily formatted, but then I realized that publishers are more likely to part with e-ARCs than physical ARCs. Win!

Fellow bloggers - I LOVE YOU ALL! Seriously, you are my people, and I love you.

My dad - When I first started my blog, I didn't tell my parents for three months. Three months is a long time when I'm used to telling them pretty much everything, but I kept my mouth shut because I wanted to see if I could do it without any help. And I did. I set it up, gave it a name, designed it, and even did some (very rudimentary) coding. But now my parents know, and all I can say is THANK GOD. Both my parents are great, but my dad is the Tech Guy of the house. He seems to know a little bit of everything (which makes sense, since he has multiple blogs and podcasts of his own), and I feel like I'm constantly going to him for help/advice. CONSTANTLY.

The library - Free books and audiobooks! Wheeeeeee!

Book Closeouts/Better World Books - Cheap used books with free shipping! Wheeeee!

Amazon Prime/Book Depository - Cheap new books with free shipping! Wheeeeee!

What about you? Please share your tips with me. I need all the help I can get.