Review Policy

If you happen to be an author, publisher, or other party interested in seeing a review of your book on Bookshelvers Anonymous, there are a few things you should know.

1) Requests may be sent to me through any method of communication (see my Contact page for more details), but email is your best bet.

2) When writing said missive, just call me Shelver. "Ms. Shelver" or "O Queen of All Knowledge" are also acceptable. I'm comfortable in my anonymity and prefer to be addressed by my nom de plume.

3) I can't believe I even have to say this, but actually talk to me when sending a request. Don't just paste your little bundle from marketing into an email and hit send. Otherwise, I'm going to assume you just added me to a mass mailing list with everyone else.

3) Understand that while I am genuinely flattered to be solicited for a review, I reserve the right to reject any request I wish without explanation.

4) I do not accept compensation for my reviews. Thank you, but I prefer to retain the high ground of objectivity.

5) I will be honest in my review. If I didn't like aspects of the book, I will say so. I understand that this book is a product of great labor on your part, so I will do my best to remain objective at all times, but my taste may not reflect yours. It's as simple as that.

6) I may choose NOT to review your book after I've read it. I'm not going to waste my time or my readers' time with a book that I could barely finish. And while traditionally published authors have a bit more cushion, I certainly don't want to damage a fledgling indie pubbed author with a scathing review. It's a case-by-case decision, one that I'll remind you of when I respond to your request.

7) I am willing to schedule author interviews and participate in blog tours and giveaways upon request (but see my previous note about my reserved right to reject requests).

8) I choose when to post my reviews. I have a life and a blog schedule which constantly battle each other. If you have a specific deadline that you wish to impose for your review, you may ask nicely. I may also say no nicely, but it never hurts to ask (again, nicely).

9) I post my reviews here, on LibraryThing, and on Goodreads. That's it.

10) I do not accept ebooks at this time. It doesn't matter how badly I want to read your book. No ebooks!

11) I categorically refuse to review erotica, poetry, or nonfiction. Ever. The end.

12) I read all types of young adult fiction, but I only review young adult fiction on my blog.


Whew! I know some of those rules can seem a little hard-nosed, but they're all for your own good, I promise. I'm really very nice. Now that the rules are done, how about a few suggestions? 

If you want to make me really happy, send me young adult books (I'm a YA-oriented blog, people), particularly:
- Mystery
- Dystopian
- Fantasy
- Sci-fi
- Historical
- Offbeat paranormal (by offbeat, I mean something off the normal vampire/werewolf/angel track)

I'd love to hear about other books as well, but the genres listed above make me particularly happy. If you'd like to make me over-the-moon ecstatic, find out if your book is in my to-read list on Goodreads; if it is, say so in your email,  because books that make me over-the-moon ecstatic get first priority. (Just saying.)

Finally, when you contact me, please include:
- Your name
- Your email address (if you wish to be contacted other than through the one you're using)
- Your relation to the book (are you the author? publisher? agent? author's neighbor's dog groomer's aunt?)
- A synopsis (linking to the Goodreads synopsis works well)
- The form of the book you'll be sending (paperback, hardcover, ARC)
- The book's release date